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Innovative Sandwich Panel Roofing with Integrated Solar Solutions

Strategic Alliance for Integrated Solar Roofing

Ibossim Construction and Baleares Renovables have formed a strategic partnership to design, execute, and maintain the best technical solutions for converting your roofing into a self-sufficient solar electricity generator. This collaborative effort allows for optimizing your roof, transforming it into an economic asset that aligns with Royal Decree 244 of April 2019 for the compensation of surplus solar electricity.

Maximizing Roof Efficiency for Economic Return

Unlock the economic potential of your roof, whether it’s for your business or home. Our tailored approach ensures that your roofing is not only conditioned for stability but also enhanced with thermal insulation, waterproofing, or fibrocement encapsulation, as required. This preparation is the first step in making your space energy-efficient and cost-effective.

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The Sun of Ibiza

Light up your life with the natural energy provided by Ibiza’s sunny climate. Our solar panel installations offer a reliable and eco-friendly power source, perfect for the island's lifestyle. With each installation, we ensure seamless integration with your home’s design, providing energy efficiency and aesthetic harmony.

Protect the Planet

Contribute to a cleaner, greener Ibiza by installing solar panels. Our solar energy services not only lower your carbon footprint but also promote environmental sustainability. Every solar installation helps reduce harmful emissions, supporting global efforts to combat climate change while powering your daily needs.

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Generate Your Own Energy

Harness the abundant sunshine in Ibiza to power your home or business. Our solar panel installation service allows you to become energy independent, reducing reliance on the grid and lowering your energy costs. With top-quality panels and expert installation, you're investing in a sustainable and self-sufficient future.

Save Up to 70%

Embrace the power of solar energy in Ibiza and see your energy bills drop by up to 70%. Our solar solutions are designed to maximize efficiency and savings. From the initial assessment to the final setup, our team ensures that every installation is optimized for the best performance, giving you more savings and value.

Full-Service Solar Photovoltaic Installation

With the extensive experience of Baleares Renovables, we design, install, and maintain your complete solar photovoltaic system. We take full responsibility for all legal procedures across relevant administrations, ensuring a seamless transition to sustainable energy consumption with minimal fuss on your part.

We are experts in solar panel installation.

At Ibossim Construction, we specialize in the expert installation of solar panel systems. With our deep understanding of renewable energy technologies and a strong commitment to eco-friendly practices, we help homeowners and businesses in Ibiza achieve energy independence. Our tailored approach ensures that each installation is perfectly aligned with our clients’ specific energy needs and property configurations. Trust Ibossim Construction to provide not only top-tier solar solutions but also continuous support and maintenance, making sustainable living both achievable and affordable.

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Common Questions

A sandwich panel roofing system is a structure made up of layers that include a rigid core sandwiched between two metal skins, providing excellent thermal insulation and stability. When integrated with solar solutions, it becomes a multifunctional system that also generates solar energy.

By installing solar panels on your roofing, you can significantly reduce your electricity bills. Moreover, any surplus energy can be fed back into the grid, often resulting in compensation under specific regulations, such as Spain's Royal Decree 244.

Maintenance involves regular cleaning of the panels and checks to ensure all components are functioning optimally. With our comprehensive service, we handle all aspects of maintenance for you.

Yes, sandwich roofing with integrated solar solutions is environmentally friendly. It reduces reliance on fossil fuels and decreases carbon emissions by generating clean, renewable energy.

Most roofs can be adapted for solar panels, but factors such as angle, orientation, and structural integrity will affect the system's efficiency. Our technical assessment will be able to determine the viability of your specific roof.